24/7 sourcing & recruitment advantage

Since Prorise kicked off its operation, it has emerged as a premier provider of offshore IT recruitment functionalities, sourcing and screening facilities and supplying superb IT candidates to companies 24/7. Administering a best shore model, we coordinate the skills of an onshore and offshore team to offer best results with a nominal cost. And as the most accomplished provider in the industry, our clients hold a competitive edge over others when it comes to securing top talent in their organizations. We utilize proven processes and leading edge technology to deliver success 24/7.

Prorise 24/7 Sourcing & Recruiting Network links the business heads of sourcing and recruiting from the biggest corporations across the world. The gaps inherent in the IT sourcing and recruiting problems for the big and geographically separated companies resulted in the creation of what you know as Prorise 24/7 Sourcing & Recruiting Network. Our mission is to provide companies with best IT practices, new and fresh ideas, right advice, needed infrastructural support and updating them on key IT staffing trends. We help companies take sourcing and recruiting processes to the next level-in a scenario where increased numbers of companies consider manpower as a major fountainhead of competitive advantage.

Prorise lends recruiting advantage to companies where they can hire top IT professionals without any hassle whether it is on contract or contract-to-hire or an IT project based position. We recruit the best IT workforce for you company within time and budget. With our expertise in different industries, we help you maintain a high level of industry talent and business experience. We clearly identify your IT requirements and after fully comprehending your business needs provide you with right match.

Our core IT recruitment skills include :

  • Replacing the out of date sourcing and recruitment processes with latest proven sourcing and recruitment processes and screening methodology.
  • Augment return on investment connected with candidate value which may include qualification, efficiency and retention.
  • 24/7 impact sourcing, a recruitment set-up devoid of time-to-hire deficiencies, cost and productivity of recruiters through processes, work roadmaps, methodology reengineering and collegial technology investment.
  • Diluting the enigma of cutting down cost per hiring while increasing the value of each hiring.
  • Alignment of sourcing and recruitment procedures performance metrics in methods that complement noticeable quantified impact on business goals and objectives.
  • Coordinating, sourcing and recruitment process and methodology to dynamic demographics and new employee career management perspective, anticipations and demeanor.
  • Comprehend and develop systems to leverage the association between role specific business goals and objectives, organizational work culture and the importance of sourcing and recruitment processes and methodologies to bridge the gaps.
  • Foster capability to companies to make objective hiring selection that is instrumental in helping business objectives.

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