Pragmatic and agile delivery system

Staff Augmentation for onsite & offshore

This delivery system is famous among companies that require knowledgeable software engineers who can be effortlessly aligned with the current business processes, to work on projects with dynamic delivery deadlines. Companies can not only bridge the project team chasms that embrace specialized competencies but cannot take benefit of external as well as internal resources. Resources can be augmented or cut down by the client to fulfill the dynamic demands of a project without thinking of the cost and liabilities of full-time permanent employees.

How can Prorise help you?

  • Go ahead and select a high-caliber team form our large pool of talent that embraces software engineers, quality assurance, technical writers and more.
  • Deploy our talents' expertise of working with big MNCs at onsite or offshore a long as required to successfully finish the project.

Strategic Out-tasking (function dependent outsourcing)

Few clients wish to take the control of the whole project but outsource particular tasks for instance, testing, programming to vendors. This delivery system is appropriate for short term requirements where clients have determined some competencies gaps in their sourcing needs. The client derives the advantages of competent resources at reduced costs, plus the vendor frees them of handling risks related to outsourced tasks.

How can Prorise help you?

  • Trust in Prorise's business community best practices to eliminate your project uncertainties. We trust in integrated approach to security for company servers and desktops, threat protection, CCTV and video surveillance and other access control system that makes sure your information is secure with us.
  • Use Prorise's highly qualified and skilled talent to work on your project tasks. Our people are placed from established companies after various rounds of reviews. We are only after those people who carry strong focus on behavioral skills and functional abilities.
  • Supervise the project quality and deliverables by determining the competencies and skill chasms in your team.

Project Outsourcing Model

A right fit for clients whose project needs and deliverables are perfectly described. The project is controlled on predetermined metrics and the costing is normally dependent on the scope of the project. Moreover, it also serves to the dynamic requirements of resources. The client continues to take pure control over business functionalities and intermediate deliverables whereas the vendor keeps the entire control of software development process.

How can Prorise help you?

  • Unleash the strength of resources that comes armed with professional skills of cutting-edge technologies belted with best business practices and dedication to quality that makes certain the success of your project.
  • Hire Prorise's years of experience in handling projects and delivery deadlines to make certain that you progress to have tab over the business.
  • Add value to your business-oriented results by offering the best possible quality.

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