IT Project Based Staffing

When you possess specialized projects, which are distinguished from your core operations actions, it will not be preferable to hire experts on permanent contract and to acquit them after the completion of the project. In instances like this Prorise is your partner.

Prorise has a substantiated track record of a number of years in empowering businesses like yours establish IT project-based staffing strategies and engage the high-caliber IT professionals.

With our comprehensive list of resources and specialized recruitment solutions we can connect you with the individuals you require to flight your unique challenges and turn your business into a successful entity.

Short term temporary assignments

Staffing is one of the biggest cost elements of operations. Your success is based on your capability to handle labor costs impressively. What happens when you witness apex in operations work, such as random orders, rigid deadlines and periodic demand? The organizations that with overstaff with permanent employees to combat peaks in operations will be working at marked down efficiency when workloads come back to normal as a result of which what hovers your head are higher labor costs, enhanced costs per unit and reduced profits. So if you require employees for short term or other operations IT projects, Prorise is your right partner.

Long term temporary assignments

  • Do you own IT projects that are not using the core competencies of your organization and are likely to last for long?
  • The chance to gain an insight of employees' variable on-the-job experience
  • Do you require cutting down headcount to fulfill company aspirations?
  • Do you own a hiring freeze but still require additional resources to perform excellent work?

If your answer is yes on at least one of the questions mentioned above, Prorise long term temporary assignment is the solution to your problem.

Prorise helps you find the right talent to fulfill your immediate business requirements. We function as a virtual addendum of your human resources department to source, screen and provisionally handle the most skilled IT professionals for long as well as short-term IT projects. Our Project Based Staffing services help you gain uninterrupted access to skilled, pre-screened talent that will have a positive influence on your organization, while also maintaining the elasticity needed to react to your business and staffing fluctuations.

Prorise takes an integrated approach to staffing an IT project. Quite same to contract staffing as the management of technical and IT personnel and work is strictly under our supervision, Prorise takes on more of an aggressive administrator's role inspecting the supervision of the entire crew's timely on and off-boarding, information transfer, technical training and human resource abilities. Our energetic methodology empowers total elasticity and can embrace near and offshore resources along with folks working on and off-site with a view to establish budget, IT and timing demands of fulfilling your company's market opportunity.

Dealing with Prorise for IT Project based Staffing introduces a complete project life-cycle relationship. Our IT project staffing services are extremely proactive and crystal clear than conventional contract staffing. A Prorise project manager works solely with you to establish the timing of the required Contract, Contract to Hire and full time personnel while superimposing any required technical, product and marketplace training-all of which become unified within dynamic scope of deliverables. Prorise IT Project Based Staffing model is purely transparent utilizing fixed margins on the hourly rates of the committed personnel and services utilizing combined billing and a much deeper level of engagement than conventional contract staffing.

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