Integration and Application Development:

Prorise-Delivering the exact technology in the exact place at the exact time and on budget

Prorise Integration and Application Development services embrace a wide array of capabilities and competencies to help our patrons get 100% out of their applications. Unending pressure is faced by IT departments and CIOs to adjust to business changes, cut down IT expenses, and enhance the relevance they receive from their various applications. They look to Prorise to help them concatenate and revamp their IT application dossiers through consolidating current business applications and administering customized solutions.

Use of explicit software development processes and industry-standard instruments help us in delivering optimized and qualitative solutions to our clients. Our organized approach to unendingly enhancing our application development competencies and skills has cropped up in comprehensive knowledge and best business practices which is ultimately advantageous for our clients.

Our key areas of competencies are: a) Application Development b) System Integration c) Maintenance of legacy systems, their migration and modernization

We at Prorise struggle to strike a balance between maintenance of a pragmatic and safe IT environment and evolving technology to cater to altering business needs. Enhanced level of competition, new customer avenues and mobile technologies need complicated IT applications and quick application upgrades so as to render them value and competitive edge over others.

Prorise assists you in addressing changing everyday evolving business and technology hardships. We own generations of experience in development, customization and integration of IT application and a substantiated performance past of quality implementations. • With our extensive collection of services spanning Prorise, you can: • Increase speed of new services deliverance to your clients • Deliver new web-based IT applications and mobile channels and technologies • Customize IT application for your market requirements • Accommodate legacy IT applications while you focus on development of new IT applications and their successful implementation.


Be it legacy support or new IT application development, our deep understanding with IT technologies allows us to furnish your development and system integration requirements. Regardless of whether you are in search of project staffing or continuous support, Prorise can extend help.

Prorise Integration and Application Development services include: • Customization and improvements for Prorise products and peripheral IT applications • Deliverance of tailor-made solutions for development of new functionalities and alterations; in order to match your business needs • Application conversions and legacy migration • Integration of Prorise and other products, systems mergers and re-engineering • Software retrofits • Internationalization as well as localization of IT Applications • Automation of workflow • Maintenance and support of legacy IT applications

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