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Does Prorise charges a fee for its services ?

No. Prorise at no time charges any fee for placement from the candidate. We target to get your unique skills and prowess matched with organizations that provide an opportunity to enhance your potential and establish your career success.

What kind of companies and positions does Prorise source for ?

Prorise supplies contract positions, contract and contract-to-hire positions at our associated organizations. We specialize in technical IT Staff Augmentation.

What kinds of benefits are offered by Prorise ?

Prorise consultants have admittance to all industry-leading benefits. Apart from competitive pay, these benefits may embrace:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Holiday Pay
  • Life Insurance
  • Referral benefits
  • Training and education fee

What are the benefits of utilizing Prorsise in my job search ?

Prorise regularly provides the largest selection of IT job openings in the industry via our job board. What's more, Prorise is a totally free of cost for candidates. Besides our extensive network is something that we pride.

Prorise recruiters hold strong connections with hiring managers at the organizations we speak for. This provides us remittance to job positions before they are made available to others. Moreover Prorise recruiters often own direct access to recruiting managers and that's why your resume may straightaway head to the decision maker. Your expertise can be contemplated and rapidly evaluated by the individual who have power to hire. Your Prorise recruiter can verify the status of your candidacy and can facilitate feedback which is quite unattainable by your own. We can also function as an intermediary negotiating pay package, benefits and joining date on your behalf.

How do employers get to know about Prorise ?

Through a comprehensive network of marketing, promoting, company branding and referrals, Prorise has the midway edge on technical and IT job postings in the local area and beyond. We are well-recognized among recruiting managers as a source of high-quality candidates. Our recruiters own a wide-ranging marketing network and are consistently building relationships with recruiting managers. A large chunk of our job openings are an outcome of a fruitful placement with enthusiastic recruiting managers recommending us to their colleagues. Our performance leads to another…implicitly for you, also.

With whom can I share my grievances after the beginning of my assignment ?

Prorise is dedicated to making certain that your experience on any project or assignment is gratifying and comfortable throughout. Once you begin your project, your daily workflow will be allotted to you be your recruiting manager on-site. You can contact Prorise account manager with any queries or concerns. Select major partners have promising employee relations members who will check in with you throughout your project to ensure that everything is going smooth.

How long will the assignment last ?

No two assignments are same. The duration of the assignment is measured by the requirements of our partners. Prorise offers both long-term and short-term assignments. At Prorise we strive hard to match your availability to the requirements of our clients and therefore we provide everything from long-term projects with 40-hour duration work weeks to part-time.

Will I get any help when my project nears the end ?

Prorise stays continuously involved throughout your assignment and beyond. As your project nears end, our promising team of recruiters will work unceasingly to promote your skills you have earned and assist you search your next fabulous job opportunity. We work with a number of companies throughout the globe and strengthen our consultants to gain as much knowledge as they can by leveraging experience received at one patron while at another. This enables you to use the skills that you have gained in fresh and amazing environments and come back with well-rounded feedback.

What will happen to my resume when I submit it to Prorise ?

Once we receive your resume, one of our technical recruiter holding expertise in the kind of positions you are looking for will give you a call within 24 hours. Your technical recruiter will fix a meeting to know more about you, your background and criteria and will outline a plan that fulfills your specific requirements.

Am I required to send a cover letter along with resume while submitting it ?

Yes, it is essential to submit a cover letter along with your resume. A cover letter will make mention of your personal information, your academic qualifications and your previous industry experience. Besides it will also lend you an opportunity to explain that why you are suitable for the available job opening.

Will Prorise send my resume to potential organizations without my knowledge ?

No. You will always be asked or notified for a Right to represent for any job opening for which you are being contemplated. You resume at no time be submitted without your initial consent. Your technical coordinator will interact with you on the job description, rate, work culture, your preferred location and any other thing with you prior to submitting your resume to any selective organization.

How and when am I paid ?

Prorise pays to its contract employees biweekly. Majorly contract employees are remunerated depending on the number of hours worked and the position's pay package rate. While in few cases, contract employees are given a salary. Direct placement employees are remunerated as per our client's payroll policies.

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