Contract-To-Hire Staffing

By using Prorise Contract-to-hire staffing services, our clients benefit where they can hire the employee permanently after the conclusion of the contract. This suggests that after an agreed upon trial period is completed, the person can be hired directly by our clients where they get the time to evaluate the candidate on the job that if he or she is a right match for the post or not.

Prorise-Advocating unparallel Contract-to-hire staffing solutions

Prorise is a champion when you talk of delivering unparallel and personalized Contract-to-hire services. Not only we will help you save time and money but will also be instrumental in filling up the chasms in your company. We place Prorise Contract-to-hire employees with your organization to work on a temporary or contract basis. And when the contract concludes you also have the choice to hire the employee on permanent basis. Hence you get an attractive opportunity to comprehend the potentiality of the employees on a trial basis while also making a decision to hire or not. Prorise takes the entire employer liabilities from the inception of the trail period of Contract-to-hire arrangement.

We offer contract-to-hire solutions on an hourly bill rate for the contract period which is relevant till the date the consultants involve into a permanent employment with the firm. It may also be directed by the minimum number of hours that the consultant must work as a Prorise consultant initial to conversion. Finally, Prorise obtains a conversion charge once the consultant is actually transformed to permanent employee status with the firm.

At Prorise, the process for candidate interviews, screening and hiring is same to that for a contract employee, however the candidate will possess a long-term target, passion and involvement in the firm. Prorise is an employee pivotal firm and invests in developing both core and soft skills of an individual to own an effortless sailing for a specialist from being a contract individual to a hired one. This will embrace :

  • Routine trainings during pre-contract duration
  • Directed on-demand IT trainings
  • Consistent upgrade of skills
  • Routine performance reviews
  • Orientation programs on upcoming technology demands
  • Access to Prorise's intranet for information sharing

Our contract-to-hire delivery model will lend you with the following benefits :

  • Eliminate risks
  • Sustain low attrition rates
  • Cut down HR and operational costs
  • Enhanced return on investment
  • Marked down administrative responsibility and accountability
  • Elasticity to engage staff in core business areas
  • Opportunity to train the employees to particular skills
  • Opportunity to engage only high-caliber talent in the company

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