Bio Technology

We place biotechnology professionals across a number of disciplines

Prorise is renowned group of recruiters for bio technology industries. Our clients are among the top known pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We take pride for our constant client repeat business and retention.

Since we grew with the industry, we were able to create one of the most comprehensive scientific and executive networks from which we take out the best talented candidates for your company.

We understand our client's requirements in establishing both their short and long term goals and in creating a strong workforce for tomorrow. We have assisted many professionals search their best opportunities within the pharmaceutical and Biotechnology arenas which are :

  • Regulatory affairs
  • Microbiologists
  • R & D Scientist
  • Medical Science
  • Scientific Advisor
  • Validation
  • Knowledge Handling
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Microbiology

Our biotech professionals offer a full spectrum of permanent and contract services. We offer pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical firms with high-caliber consultants to assist them through the R & D, clinical gauge and validation procedures.

This unique focus enables us to offer close partnerships with client to work rapidly and productively to search and place the best and most proper technical professionals to fulfill the product development requirements and match your corporate culture.

We offer junior to senior level clinical gauge and scientific/laboratory individuals to work at your organizations.

Elastic Hiring Options

Prorise provides a variety of employment and compensation agreements to offer the most suitable match for every client. Prorise will also help with relocation of our contractor if required to other locations when the requirement arises in any part of the world.

Prorise offer staffing consultation to help burgeoning companies. We provide elastic solutions that fit your staffing requirements. Prorise can also review and gauge your contract staffing planning and deal with you to advance your present engineering staff augmentation and with a number of options.

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