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We offer business –directed technology services that improve your IT investments

Nearly all front and back office activities have been changed by technology landscape that enhances operational productivity and comfort for customers as well. Fresh opportunities emerge, in mobile payment systems, social media as customer obtainment medium and cloud-based services.

Prorise offers knowledgeable IT consultants who specialize in the utilization of business-directed technology solutions for the financial services industry. We assist client fulfill regulatory and risk supervision standards, cut down costs, direct business processes, streamline transactions, align business and IT strategies and create customer loyalty.

We offer our services to :

  • Asset and Wealth Management Companies
  • Broker Dealers
  • Card Issuers, shopkeeper acquirers and payment processors
  • Clearing & Settlement Companies
  • Commercial, Investment and Retail financial companies
  • Life & Annuity, Property & Casualty Insurance Companies
  • Reinsurers
  • Stock and Commodities Exchanges

For instance, we have helped the mortgage department of many banks with a drive to enhance operational productivity. We assessed business processes and worked in collaboration with the clients' software development teams to enhance applications that regularize processes and direct workflow, offering significant and determinable outcomes.

Our consulting team assisted a globally renowned payment processor establish a next-generation hosted gateway solution that promises customers to effortlessly augment fresh locations, apply and sustain version control across companies. Moreover to the establishment of the core engine and multiple payment interfaces, we assisted establish the switch side boarding application and multiple diagnostic services and even assisted in converting multiple large customers to the fresh systems, which major traders, cruise lines and hotel and restaurant networks now utilize. Currently our team progresses to create new abilities for this client, assisting position this hosted gateway solution as the most directed payment processing solution in the world.

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