Advanced passive talent acquisition techniques

In addition to searching candidates with great resumes, our staffing team judges each one for :

  • Quality of competencies and talent
  • Goals that depict the client's requirements
  • Right Cultural fit
  • Long-term employment engagements or a dedication to complete each contract project as committed

Our advanced passive talent acquisition techniques help you find the high-grade professionals, thanks to our state-of-the-art staff augmentation strategies.

Staying up-to-date on staffing practices is a must for attracting passive talent. That's why we are passionate to lead the industry in robust passive talent acquisition techniques that determine the dynamic ways that candidates are searching or may not be searching for opportunities.

Read through our free mobile app, search engine-optimized career websites and also other mobile-friendly websites, we have the ability to find you the right match with the right job opportunities…even while on the go.

Prorise have gone extra miles than any other staffing company to reach passive talent :

With Mobile Apps

Available to all with iPhone, iPad, Android and Window phones, our free mobile app makes job searching a very simple task for all those seeking a job and vice versa we can also reach them. This mobile app offers us with a wide range of candidates for your job openings so we can search the right match for your organization.

Via Search Engines

Our Career website optimizes requests so that they are visible on Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. Hence for passive talent the job order receives the visibility it calls for.

On Mobile Devices

As our lifestyles are emerging as more mobile then why can't staffing be the same? Loaded with simplified navigation and rapid load times, our mobile websites reach job seekers on their mobiles irrespective of where they are located on world map.

Utilizing Push Recruiting

Passive talent can also sign up for Prorise Job Alert Subscription and wait for us to reach them either via emails or text messages or calls that fulfill their criteria.

Via Social Media Platforms

We also post openings on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus websites so that passive talent can apply, share with their known. Besides all our job postings on career sites can be shared via social networking websites and emails.

In today's economy each and every assignment is critical to your business success. You cannot afford to associate with a staffing company that is merely competent. That is why Prorise Advanced passive talent acquisition techniques have established a systematic approach to delivering high-caliber IT professionals who outthink, outwork and outperform the rest of the world…real champions for your staffing requirements.

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